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These regulations concern to all the attendants in the XIX Encounter.
For the means of a better organization, we ask you to follow what has been established.


Enrollment for the XIX Encounter will start on 1st March 2016.
The deadline is due to the 10th September 2016
. By this date the attendants must have paid the full amount of the registration fee.
This modality of full payment is added for the means of a better accreditation, trying to avoid any delays at the moment of entering into the Golden Center.
If the number of vacancies is fullfilled before the 10th September, the staff will inform this new state of affairs by e-mail and the information will also appear on this web site. All the registration forms which may be sent by mail and received after the date of this announcement will be rejected.


Attendants from Argentina
Registration fee to the XIX Encounter for students attending the Arabian Dance School is $ 1500,- (ONE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED ARGENTINIAN PESOS). The fee for those who have attended the XVII EIDA is $ 1600,- (ONE THOUSAND AND SIX HUNDRED ARGENTINIAN PESOS) and for the rest of the attendants is $ 1700,- (ONE THOUSAND AND SEVEN HUNDRED ARGENTINIAN PESOS)

Attendants from abroad
Registration fee to the XIX Encounter for those who have attended the XVII EIDA is u$s 160,- (ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY AMERICAN DOLLARS). The fee for the rest of the attendants is u$s 180,- (ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY AMERICAN DOLLARS).


This card was created to grant discount in the registration fee plus some other benefits. This year all attendants to the XIX Encounter will be able to obtain it in order to enjoy all its benefits during EIDA XIX.


Accreditions will be during the hours established in the schedule of the event.
There will be national and international tables of accreditation for a better and quicker job. If vacancies are available, new accreditation tables are going to be opened for that purpose.
At the moment of cancelling the full amount of the registration fee, the attendant will recieve an accreditation badge. On this badge, the attendant will find his full name and last name, number of accreditation and color assigned group of work (for a better organization of workshops). Attendants must have this badge always visible, over their clothes during the three days of workshops. This badge will also be needed to enter to the Gala Show on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


The starting time and ending of the workshops will be respected during the event.
Attendants must have the accreditation badge always visible with the color assigned group of work.
Attendants must respect the color assigned group of work.
The use of photo and video cameras is strongly forbidden during the workshops.
In case of any attendant uses a photo or video camera, a security guard will keep it in custody. The decision of this prohibition is due to contractual clauses with the guests stars.
These cameras can only be used during the breaks, when the teachers agree to take the photo.
Attendants must attend the workshops with the necessary equipment.
Food and drinks are forbidden into the room.
Smoking is forbidden.
The holders of the Encounter and the authorities of the Golden Center, will not be responsible for any losts.
We suggest that the attendants watch their belongings or using safe padlocks.
Please, notice this!
It is strictly forbidden to enter the venue with any person (relatives, friends, etc.), during the event. All those who may wish to enter will have to fully pay the registration fee.

Certificates of Attendance

The Certificate of Attendance presented by the XIX Encounter will only certify participation in the workshops. It does not have any academic credits since it is not a degree nor a diploma to be presented to any educational institution.
The certificate will be handed out to the attendants during the last day of the Encounter. Attendants will have to show their accreditation badges in order to be given them.

Gala Shows XIX Encounter

There will be 3 Gala Shows, in the nights of Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September 2016. On the Saturday night, the enrolled groups in the XIX Encounter will take part in "The Great Gala Show".
Since every year we greatly welcome so many dancing groups, only the first fifteen enrolled groups will be allow to participate in the "The Great Gala Show", without any exceptions. Otherwise the Gala Show turns to be too long.
The deadline to participate, as well as the reception of the technical form and the music, is on 10th September 2016.
Any institution that has registered for the Encounter will be able to participate in the event.
Only 6 people minimum on stage are allowed.
The choreography must last no longer than 5 minutes.
Please, respect the time established for that purpose, since the organization will cut the music down when 5 minutes have passed.
The 2 copies of the CD or pendrive or mp3 with the music for the choreography with the corresponding form attached to it should be taken in person or by mail to Arabian Dance School (Dr. Tomás de Anchorena N.º 364 - CPA C1170ACF - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - República Argentina) before the 10th September 2016. CD's/pendrive/mp3 must include the following information: complete name of the institution and instructor, number of track and time lasting period. The institution or school which has not sent the music and the form mentioned above, will not be able to participate.
The organization will award all groups with an honour certificate for their participation in the Gala Show.
Attendants already registered for the XIX Encounter will not pay any fee for the Gala Shows. They only have to show their accreditation badges.
It is strictly forbidden the presence of relatives or friends in the dressing rooms.
It is strictly forbidden the use of photo and video cameras during the shows.
In case of any person uses a photo or video camera, a security guard will keep it in custody. The decision of this prohibition is due to contractual clauses with the guests stars.

Gala Shows Schedule
Open Gala Show: Thursday, September 22nd at 09:00 p.m.
Super Gala Show: Friday, September 23rd at 09:00 p.m.
The Great Gala Show: Saturday, September 24th at 08:30 p.m.
Doors will be opened an thirty minutes earlier than the time indicated.

Permission for Participation for children UNDER THE AGE OF 18

According to the current laws, this authorization is mandatory for those contestants UNDER THE AGE OF 18 who participate in any form (classes, shows) at the XIX Arabian Dance International Encounter.
This authorization shall be submitted together with a photocopy of ID of parent or guardian. It is a necessary requirement signature of at least one adult responsible for the minor.
If it isn't submitted, the income of the child to any of the facilities where the event takes place will not be allowed.

Venue Golden Center

The Golden Center Resort is equipped with:
- Changing rooms with showers.
- Free parking lot for 1.200 cars.
In addition to this, attendants will enjoy:
- Buffet with economic menues.
- Checkroom to leave your belongings in a safe place.

Sale Stands

The organization of EIDA is adding a new section within the framework of the event called Habibi Bazaar. The main idea is to create a place of trade stands with different products, accesories, clothing, etc., to be purchased.
First, in order to give more publicity to the products, we offer the interested customers a 15 minutes advertising space on any of the three days that the event takes place. In that way, you can show the products of your trade stand in an exclusive setting designed with lights and sound on a stage set up in Habibi Bazaar.This advertising space will be exclusively for those exhibitors who participate the whole three days of the event.
Habibi Bazaar will be opened since de beginning of the workshops, on Friday 23rd September at 9:00 a.m. and it will remain open till the end of every gala show.
This new place will be opened free of charge to all the public who enters into the Golden Center venue during the scedule of the EIDA. Free entry!

Amir Thaleb || Fernando Corona || Arabian Dance School
Translated by Mabel Pan and Salomé Mayo.