Before you fill in the form, and print the registration form, it is important that you check the page setup, since only forms of one page will be accepted.

In the navigator go to File --> Page Setup.
Select Legal paper size.
The footer must be empty.
The page margins must be 0,75 inches.
Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced.
Printing: "Print background colors and images" must be enable.

Personal Information


Training in dance

Notice this!
- Submitting this form means the attendant has read and acknowledged the Encounter Policies and Regulations.

Click on "Print Preview" and you will find a complete registration form with the information you have given. After you carefully verify this information, you may select "File --> Print".We recomend that you make a preview of the document before printing the form so as you make sure that it is only in one page.

Translated by Mabel Pan.