Technical form


Before you fill in the form, and print the technical form, it is important that you check the page setup, since only forms of one page will be accepted.

In the navigator go to File --> Page Setup.
Select Legal paper size.
The footer must be empty.
The page margins must be 0,75 inches.

Technical Items
Only music recorded on CD or pendrive or mp3 will be accepted.
The tracks must be correlative.
All the tracks, plus the choreography, must last no longer than 5 minutes.
Otherwhise the organization will cut the recording down, according to the established time.
In order to participate each team must have 6 people minimum on stage.
Both the 2 copies of the CD or pendrive or mp3 with the recorded music, and this technical form attached to it, must be personally handed in or sent by mail to Dr. Tomás de Anchorena Nº 364 - C.P.A. C1170ACF - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - República Argentina, before the 20th August 2018.
It is suggested that each team hands in 2 copies of the selected music, to ensure proper running. The mp3 file with the music can be send by e-mail to
It is important to recall the necessary observations for the performance of the choreographies.

Permission for Participation for children UNDER THE AGE OF 18
According to the current laws, this authorization is mandatory for those contestants UNDER THE AGE OF 18 who participate in any form (classes, shows) at the XX Arabian Dance International Encounter.
This authorization shall be submitted together with a photocopy of ID of parent or guardian. It is a necessary requirement signature of at least one adult responsible for the minor.

If it isn't submitted, the income of the child to any of the facilities where the event takes place will not be allowed.



About choreography

Total duration of the choreography

Parcial duration of the choreography

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4

Music should start when that the group is on stage.

Characteristics of the stage

Characteristics of the stage of XX International Arab Dances Encounter of Argentina.

The stage is made of wood. It is 10 metres long and 6 metres deep. It has stairs on both lateral sides.

Notice this!
- This technical form will be printed in Spanish.
- Submitting this form means the participant has read and acknowledged the Encounter Policies and Regulations.

Click on "Print Preview" and you will find a complete technical form with the information you have given.
After you carefully verify this information, you may select "File --> Print".We recomend that you make a preview of the document before printing the form so as you make sure that it is only in one page.

Translated by Mabel Pan.